Live in Pavenham? Then Pavenham Parish Council is the closest tier of local government to you.

This site enables you to catch up with your Parish Council and understand how it is serving YOU. Within these pages, you will find the agendas and minutes of Parish Council Meetings, and lots of other useful information, including the Parish Council’s accounts and information about your parish councillors.

Through these pages, our aim is to make the activities and functions of the Parish Council as accessible and transparent as possible. It also explains how you can hold it to account, if the Parish Council fails to do what it is legally required to do, or if individual Parish Councillors fail to meet the standards required of them.

If there is anything that you feel the Council should be aware of or if there is something that it can do to help or support you, then please contact the Parish Clerk or a Parish Councillor. Please note, however, that the Parish Council can only do as much as its statutory powers allow, so we can’t help in every case.

The voice of local people

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We will endeavour to keep the information provided on this site accurate and up-to-date. If you spot any errors or omissions please contact us so that we can investigate and correct them appropriately.

Attending Parish Council meetings

All members of the public are entitled to attend the meeting and are cordially invited by the Council to do so.  Time is set aside in the published agenda to enable informal discussion to take place at the beginning of each meeting. Please read our useful guide to Attending Parish Council meetings. Subscribe to this website and you will receive the Newsfeed, a weekly up-date on Parish Council business, directly into your email account.

Parish Council meetings on Zoom ended on 6 May 2021. The Parish Council is no longer permitted to hold “virtual” meetings, which means that the Parish Council must now meet physically. Please note that the requirement is only that the Parish Councillors meet physically. There is nothing to prevent the Parish Council from broadcasting its meetings, thereby allowing parishioners to participate digitally. This would not prevent parishioners from attending in person. Essentially, parishioners would have the choice to attend either physically or digitally and meetings would become hybrid. The Parish Council has yet to make a decision about whether it should do this.

Agendas will be posted on notice boards and this website